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Security Tips At The College

  1. Students are not allowed in/out of the residential college area after midnight. 

  2. Male students are not allowed to enter the female student block area or vice versa. 

  3. No cooking is allowed in the college room. 

  4. Electric appliances such as water heater and rice cooker are not allowed in the room. 

  5. Male and female students are not allowed to sit in private or in dark places to raise suspicion. 

  6. It is not permissible to bring an outside person in/out of the college room without permission. 

  7. Permission to enter the college is granted only to authorized staff, students and visitors. 

  8. Visitors to the college are required to obtain a Visitor Pass at the Security Post or a visitation permit from the college. 

  9. Doors and windows should always be locked before leaving the room and during sleep.

  10. The fan switch, lamp and plug point must be turned off before leaving the room.

Updated:: 14/10/2019 [miorazham]